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Static Shielding Bags vs Pink Poly Bags

This video compares ESD Shielding bags and Pink Poly bags. The differences between these bags consist of bag construction and performance. The static shielding bag construction is multi-layer. The inside of the bag is antistatic polyethylene that restricts tribocharging. The middle layer is a metal layer that is less than 1 x 10^3. The outer-layer is a polyester layer that gives tensile and puncture strength. The outside of the bag is a non-generating, antistatic layer. Pink poly is a single-layer material. When the polyethylene is being extruded, an antistatic agent is mixed in with the raw materials. This is what gives the bag its non-static generating qualities. Both bags are designed not to create a charge. But only the static shielding bag with its less than 1 x 10^3 shielding layer will prevent charges from the outside getting inside the bag. The main performance difference is that static shielding bags will not allow external charges to penetrate the bag and damage its contents. ANSI/ESD S541 2008 is the Packaging Standard for the electronics industry. The standard outlines the requirement for any packaging material that wants to be qualified as a shielding product.

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