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Vacuum Sealers

** No Air Compressor Required **

These nozzle type all-electric industrial vacuum sealers are excellent for medical and clean room use. Unlike air driven pneumatic sealing machines, MDV sealers do away with bulky external compressors. Electric motor driven vacuum sealers will work more quietly than other pneumatic driven vacuum sealers on the market.

Our MDV series sealers, available in 350mm, 450mm and 600mm respectively), come STANDARD with lower heating elements assuring airtight sealed bags. Manufactured with High quality stainless steel material and quality plating finishes combined with the industry quality components deliver a machine that will be reliable and long lasting in any high production work environment. With a 19” x 14” footprint, these compact desk-top units can fit into extremely small places.



Comes in 3 seal length as shown below:

Product Demostration

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