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February 8, 2017

This video compares ESD Shielding bags and Pink Poly bags. The differences between these bags consist of bag construction and performance. 

The static shielding bag construction is multi-layer. The inside of the bag is antistatic polyethylene that restricts tribocharging. The middle layer is a metal layer that is less than 1 x 10^3. The outer-layer is a polyester layer that gives tensile and puncture strength. The outside of the bag is a non-generating, antistatic layer. 

Pink poly is a single-layer material. When the polyethy...

October 21, 2016


  • Electrical current flows easily

  • Can be grounded 

Materials that easily transfer electrons (or charge) are called conductors and are said to have “free” electrons. Some examples of conductors are metals, carbon, and the human body’s sweat layer.

Grounding works effectively to remove ElectroStatic charges from conductors to ground. The other term often used in ESD control is dissipative, which is 1 x 104 to less than 1 x 1011ohms and is sufficiently conductive to remove ESD charges when grounded.



March 29, 2016

As electronic technology advances, electronic circuitry gets progressively smaller. As the size of components is reduced, so is the microscopic spacing of insulators and circuits within them, increasing their sensitivity to ESD. Industry experts estimate that average electronics product losses due to static discharge range from 8 to 33%. Others estimate the actual cost of ESD damage to the electronics industry as running into the billions of dollars annually. It is therefore critical to be aware of the most sensitive items being...

March 7, 2016

The ideal ESD Control Plan is one that improves productivity, quality, and reliability, in addition to being flexible enough to accommodate changes and improvements in the manufacturing process. ESD Control Plans must evolve to keep pace with costs, device sensitivities, and the way devices are manufactured in the future. The management of an on-going ESD Control Plan can be broken down into 3 steps: 1. Measure, 2. Control, and 3, Verify.


Step 1. Measure the source the of ESD events.


  • Measure the resistance of an ope...

February 24, 2016

Here's a clip to demostrate the difference between the the Menda One-Touch and Pure-Touch dispensing bottles. Click here to view our products.

January 8, 2016

 Product Details

  • Snap-Loc Fastening System 

  • Tab to Cup Resistance: 1 x 106 to < 1 x108 ohms 

  • Tear Resistant Rubber With Inner Scrim

  • 30" Long, 8 Conductive Strand Nylon Polyester

  • Grounding Tab

  • Two Megohm Series Resistor 

  • UL Listed

  • Date Coded 

Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20. Suitable for ESD footwear component in personnel grounding Footwear / Flooring System (<1 x 109 ohms per ANSI/ESD STM97.1 and <100 volts per ANSI/ESD STM97.2). 


Please contact us to...

December 29, 2015


Find out more about our ESD Turntables here!

December 18, 2015


With most companies pressured by global competition, effective ESD control can be a key to improving productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. It is a pity that many companies buy ESD protective products or equipment and then misuse them, often causing more harm than good. 

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December 15, 2015

Compliance Verification for Grounding Systems

Measures the grounding path resistance of earth bonding points and other equipment.


Pass/Fail Selectable Test Ranges: <1, <2, & <10 Ohms
Designed to test the low resistance grounding limits of ANSI/ESD S20.20, ANSI/ESD S6.1 and recommendations of ESD TR20.20.


Constant Current 
Ensures testing accuracy at very low resistances compared to standard multimeter.


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November 30, 2015

The EM Eye Meter counts and measures the magnitude of ESD events. This meter also provides filters to estimate the events magnitude for CDM, HBM and MM models. The EM Eye Meter has optional sensors to detect EMF and RF signals.


Key Advantages:

  • Rejection of most Non-ESD Events

  • User-Friendly Interface with Graphic and Touch Display

  • Multi-Sensor Capabilities

  • ON/OFF Using Touch Screen

  • Data is stored on a microSDTM card (included) which can be transferred to PC

  • Supplies factual data during E...

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