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Detect and Measure ESD Events with our EM Eye Meter

The EM Eye Meter counts and measures the magnitude of ESD events. This meter also provides filters to estimate the events magnitude for CDM, HBM and MM models. The EM Eye Meter has optional sensors to detect EMF and RF signals.

Key Advantages:

  • Rejection of most Non-ESD Events

  • User-Friendly Interface with Graphic and Touch Display

  • Multi-Sensor Capabilities

  • ON/OFF Using Touch Screen

  • Data is stored on a microSDTM card (included) which can be transferred to PC

  • Supplies factual data during ESD Audit

  • Portable, light weight, touch screen

**Not all ESD events are captured by the EM Eye Meter. The magnitude of the event can be measured. CDM, HBM and MM Model results are estimated based on proprietary algorithms.

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