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SAHARA- Forced Ventilation Ovens

(from 40°C to 280°C)

Comes in many sizes (from 40 to 700 liter) and power to satisfy all different applications.The ovens are controlled by a digital controller that is easy to set. This digital controller is a smart PID thermo regulator with integrated datalogger and multifunction timer.


Professional forced ventilation oven ideal for:

  • Drying the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) before the assembly

  • Drying the MSDs (Moisture Sensitive Devices) components to reset the floor life clock.

  • Drying the PBAs (Printed Boards Assembled) before the rework or repair.

  • Pre-heating of the PCBs /PBAs to reduce the delta T before rework or repair.












The Sahara ovens can work in 4 modes:


1. SetPoint: 

The oven reaches a setpoint temperature and stays steady.


2. Countdown: 

It's like the SetPoint mode but with a time limit. After the countdown time is expired the oven stops.Time limit can be set from 1 minute to 999 hours and 59 minutes.


3. Programmed start-up: 

It's useful when you want to start-up the oven on a precise date/time (for example at 6:30 on monday after the weekend the oven start-up to SetPoint 200°C)


4. Thermal programmer: 

It's possible to edit on a PC and then download to the digital controller up to 10 programs with 100 steps each. In every step you can set: the temperature setpoint, the maximum gradient to reach it and the duration.

The digital controller has an internal clock with back-up that can keep the right clock for a week without power supply. This is useful to minimize the damage caused by any black-out when the oven is working in "Countddown", "Clock" or "Prog" mode.


Optional Accessories:












8107103, 8107105, 8107107, 8107109, 8107111, 8107113, 8107150, 8107152, 8107154, 8107156, 8107158, 8107160



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