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Bench Top ZeroVolt Ionizer

Product Code: 50670


  • The best balancing ionizer available

  • Offset voltage balance controlled to ±3 Volts

      Typical tested per ANSI/ESD S3.1

  • Fast discharge times and offset voltage well below < +/- 50 volt required limit of ANSI/ESD S20.20

  • Features steady state DC ionization and EMIT's patented Sense Feedback balancing

  • Sealed "Thru-Tunnel" air flow design

  • Communication via RS485 compatible data output with a host computer

  • CSA certified

  • Made in the United States of America

  • Low Ozone Emissions

      Tests well below the OSHA limit of 0.05 ppm ozone

  • RS485 communication for use with EMIT SIM Software

  • Compatible with EMIT SIM Software

  • Zero Volt Ionizer – SIM Software PowerPoint

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