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Heel Grounders, Hook & Loop Fastening, 1 Meg resistor

Product Code: 249260


Designed to satisfy Footwear requirements of EN 61340-5-1


Top-of-the-line, extra-wide bands of rubber.

Most reliable provides the greatest contact area to the floor.


Exceptionally tear-resistant dual layer rubber with inner scrim.

Provides long life - saving money.


Non-marking dissipative interior.

Will not mark shoes.


Hook and loop fastening assembly.

Genuine "non-salvaged" Velcro material - adjustable and comfortable.


76 cm long, 8 strand nylon polyester grounding tab.

Does not particulate; superior body to ground contact.


Rg: 1 x 106 < 1 x109 ohms per IEC 61340-5-1 Clause A.2.


Superior Quality


Made in the USA



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