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Conductive RAKO 

Molded Containers

  • Electronically conductive warehousing and transportation system

  • Provides protection to electronic components from electrostatic discharge and mechanical damage.

  • RS: 10E4 ohm

  • Specific volume resistance: 500ohm cm 














































3-206-OEL, 3-211-OEL, 3-203G-0EL, 3-207Z-OEL, 3-204U-OEL,

3-212U-OEL, 3-205P-OEL, 3-200Z-OEL, 3-6413N-OEL, 3-208N-OEL,

3-201Z-OEL, 3-202Z-OEL, 3-209N-OEL